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Carmen Miranda in
"That Night in Rio"

06 October, 2020



One of the many adaptations of the 1934 play "The Red Cat", "That Night in Rio" is a 1941 Fox Studios musical directed by Irving Cummings staring Carmen Miranda in her second Hollywood film. Playing a Brazilian bombshell, a part that made her famous in the US, Miranda's character upstaged the main stars and put the actress on a highway to success. The wardrobe, brilliantly created by Hollywood stylist Travis Banton and enhanced by technicolor, was a showstopper. Cropped tops, maxi sequins skirts and the abundance of accessories could be something you see on today's runways and many of Carmen's costumes serve as inspiration to designers today. The outfit she performs her hit "Cae, cae" is as beautiful as it is current and is one of our all times favorites. Film by film, song by song, costume by costume, the United States fell in love with her and by 1945 Miranda became Hollywood's highest-paid entertainer and the top woman tax payer in the United States. A boss lady, and a very well dressed one, Carmen Miranda is one of Heart et Vie muses and inspirations and is always celebrated by us.