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Hermes Voyage en Ikat

06 October, 2020

Ikat, a traditional dyeing and weaving technique used to create patterns on fabrics forming unique designs is originated from Asia and loved all over the World. Although Ikat fabrics have been around for thousand of years, it became largely popular in the 19th century, on the Silk Road, where they were traded for all kinds of merchandise, due to its worth. Since then, Ikat patterns have influenced the design World and have been seeing decorating Palaces, homes, museums and clothing. The appeal of the unique designs make the Ikat patterns a magnificent and luxurious addition to any ambiance. Serving as inspiration for Hermes tableware line, Ikat prints adorn dishes, bowls, platters and cups of their "Voyage en Ikat" collection. Luxurious and high end as everything the traditional maison makes, the collection shows that Ikat is as chic and timeless as ever.